Sunday School & Bible Classes closed today
17th September 2017
First we go into church with the adults and sit with our families. We can sit anywhere.

Then the Minister tells the adults things that are going on in the church.

Then we all stand to sing a psalm. A man leads the singing and the words are displayed on the screen.

When we finish singing the Minister prays and we all stay standing until it's finished.

Next we go down to the front of the church for a children's talk. The talk usually lasts about 15 minutes and mums and dads listen too.

After the talk we go back to our seats, sing another psalm and then we go to Sunday School in the church hall next door.

In the hall our Sunday School Superintendent talks to us about the children's talk and leads a short prayer.

We sing 2 or 3 children's songs before we go to our classes.

In our classes we listen to a reading from the bible and then do an activity sheet based on that story.

When the church service finishes mums and dads collect us from the hall.

All are welcome from nursery to S2.
Come and join us

There is also a creche for young children and Bible class for S3 upwards.


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